Postcard City Apartments


As she passed, our grandmother left us a box of her most precious items. A chain of her mother, a statue of Mary, her collection of recipes, old letters from friends and family, and an album of family pictures that included some very rare POSTCARDS.



They were from far away exotic places, towns where acquaintances went for holidays and rural places where our distant relatives once lived. The old POSTCARDS conveyed feelings of warmth and joy as they represented to her, unimaginable experiences.

A city treasure

& great memories

Those were the simple times. By sending pictures of travel destinations, photos of the latest architectural ventures, and current events, people around the world kept up to date with news and experiences.



It didn’t matter so much what was written on the other side of the POSTCARD. What was important was the picture in black & white. It always allowed you to create your own imaginary story of an experience, that was out of reach… far, far away.

Enjoy your stay

Explore the city

We hope your stay at the POSTCARD CITY APARTMENTS is filled with exceptional memories, you will treasure like our grandmother did. Enjoy your stay with us and relax outdoors in our backyard. Just a 10-minute casual walk down the street, the Maribor center welcomes you. It is filled with old historical buildings, museums, parks for recreation and relaxation and of course restaurants and bars.